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Water Fountains Pictures

Water Fountains Pictures

The Water Fountains Pictures Gallery below contains some stunning images of amazing Fountains around the world!

Water Fountains – Cool Fountain Pictures

Water Fountains – Cool Fountain Pictures

The history of Water Fountains extends back thousands of years, and throughout that time Fountains have served both decorative and functional purposes.  This article provides information about the history of fountains, as well as Cool Fountain Pictures for you to enjoy!

Water Fountains
Photo Courtesy of: chris bartnik photography via photopin cc

Fountains were first conceived of and constructed in areas with arid climates, where water was scarce and thereby precious. Due to the harsh, dry climates in which they lived, the peoples of these ancient cultures were forced to become creative where water storage and delivery were concerned, if they were to build a permanent civilization.

The citizens of Ancient Rome collected their water from public fountains which were supplied by an extensive cistern system. These ancient fountains utilized water pressure and gravity flow to facilitate the flow of water through the fountains. By the 4th century BC Rome was home to an amazing 1352 fountains, some more elaborate than others, which were a great source of pride to the Romans. Along with the fresh water supply the fountains provided, they were also a source of functional, captivating beauty, and sculptural art which became some of the most well-known fountains in the world.

Cool Fountain Pictures
Photo Courtesy of: paul bica via photopin cc

Later examples of fountains were the Moorish water gardens in Spain, as well as the countless fountains found all over Europe, and those found in India and China.

Fountain 4
Photo Courtesy of: : epSos.de via photopin cc

Today fountains have gained additional pizazz with the use of mechanized pumps, which project water much higher into the air, and underwater lighting, which creates stunning displays at night. Since modern water fountains are no longer designed for water collection by the public, most of these decorative fountains do not contain potable water which is safe to drink. Instead they are designed for the sole purpose of adding stunning beauty to their surroundings, gracing city landscapes and parks with their undeniable splendor.

Fountain 16
Photo Courtesy of: John-Morgan via photopin cc

The creativity used to design these amazing works of art has always been admirable, though as we travel into the future Fountains are sure to continue to gain in magnificence and captivating beauty!

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Water Fountains – Cool Fountain Pictures