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Water Bottles for Dogs and Cats

Water Bottles for Dogs and Cats

Everyone with a cat or a dog knows the woes of using a traditional water dish for their pet. Water dishes are a problematic pain to say the least; sitting on the floor where your pet can reach it means it can be accidentally tipped over and spilled onto the floor, which can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in floor repair or replacement costs. Meanwhile, anyone with a dog that has long hair on its face, such as a Shih Tzu or Maltese, is constantly cleaning up the trail of water left behind on the floor after their pet takes a drink!

Water Bottles

water bottles 3This method of providing drinking water for your pet drastically reduces, or even eliminates the problems experienced with water dishes; since your pet drinks from the water bottle instead of from a dish so there is no “water trail” left on the floor afterwards, and the water bottle cannot be accidentally spilled. But how do you hold the water bottle so that the pet can reach it?

Great News for Pet Owners
Water BottlesA California based company, The Home Thing, has solved this problem by designing cutting edge stands that hold the water bottle in place for your pet to drink. Their handcrafted, lightweight, yet durable stands are built using sturdy, quality materials, and designed with you and your pets’ convenience and comfort in mind. Some of the other features of the stands are:

  • The stand allows for easy adjustment of the water bottle in several different positions up or down to suit your pets’ needs.
  • The stands can be easily disassembled, so you can take it with you any place you take your pet.
  • These water bottle stands accommodate 32 – 64 oz. water bottles, so whether your dog is small, large, or in between, there is a size to fit your needs.

Water Bottles 1The stands are also attractive, as well as user-friendly for both people and pets. One look at this fantastic pet water device tells you that you, your pet, and your floors, will be saved a lot of drinking disasters and mess.

pet water dishFor those of you dog or cat owners who are tired of cleaning up water, watching over the water dish like a hawk every time your kids run by in hopes of keeping it from getting spilled, having a wet-faced dog jump in your lap, on your couch or on your guests, and would like a better method of providing water for their pet, you are very likely to be happy using Water Bottles for Dogs and Cats with the revolutionary stand that brings it all together!

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