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ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos are a surprisingly awesome new way to relax and relieve the stress of the day.  If the idea of kicking back in your own home, getting a soothing massage, pampering yourself with a scalp massage and hair cut, or having your hair brushed sounds great to you, then ASMR Relaxation Videos will make your day!

ASMR Relaxation Videos SpaWithout getting into too much detail about ASMR, lets just say it’s like listening to the sounds of the ocean, or a rainstorm. Tons of people like to listen to these sounds to fall asleep or wind down, right? Well, ASMR is basically the same thing, except the sounds you will  hear in these videos involve human interaction instead of natural sounds like rain.

ASMR “artists”, as they are called, use special equipment to to record sounds that mimic those you would hear when getting your hair brushed for instance. When listening to these ASMR Relaxation Videos with headphones on, as is recommended, the sounds will actually sound real! In other words, an ASMR scalp massage session will sound as if you are actually getting a scalp massage.

ASMR Relaxation Videos FacialThese sounds trigger physical responses in your body that are similar to the soothing sensations you get when you are getting a real massage. If this isn’t making sense, think of it this way; have you ever talked to someone who had the most amazing, soothing voice? Whenever you listen to them talk, you get a warm, tingly sensation down your neck and feel practically euphoric, without that person even touching you at all? That is the sensation ASMR Relaxation Videos elicit, and it is wonderful! Since most people consider massages, beauty treatments, facials, and other such things to be the most soothing, these are the subjects they tend to focus on the most.

That being said, not all ASMR Relaxation Videos are the same. If you want to get the most benefit out of ASMR, you want a collection of the best relaxation videos available, created by the best ASMR artists. After all, ASMR only works well when the person speaking has that really great, soothing voice, like we discussed above. Not everyone can do that.

Good News! We have done all the work for you and compiled a great collection of the best ASMR Relaxation Videos on Youtube, so you can enjoy this FREE relaxation technique for yourself, right now!

So what are you waiting for?

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ASMR Relaxation Videos


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