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Lightening Pictures and Facts | 10 Interesting Facts About Lightening

Lightening Pictures and Facts

When it comes to natural entertainment, very few things on earth can compare to lightening! Mother Natures’ lightshows are always spectacular sights to see, lighting up the skies with stunning works of art that last only a few seconds, while discharging extraordinary amounts of electricity.

No doubt mankind has always been astounded by lightning. Very few people can resist the chance to see this illuminating yet fleeting show, thought some are lucky enough to catch it on camera. View our lightening gallery for some captivating lightening pictures examples!

10 Interesting Facts About Lightening (Also See in Image Gallery above.)

  1. If you get struck by lightning while in your home, chances are you were talking on the phone; the leading cause of in-home lightening related deaths.
  2. Some scientists theorize that the immense energy and heat given off by lightening may have aided in the evolution of life on earth as it has been discovered that it transforms elements into the compounds found in all organisms.
  3. The US experiences over 100,000 lightning storms per year, creating over 25 Million cloud to ground lightning bolts. An estimated that the earth its self is struck by more than a hundred lightning bolts every second!
  4. Odds of being struck by lightening in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000, while odds of getting struck by lightening in the US during the course of any given year is 1 in 700.000.
  5. Ice particles colliding while swirling around in a thunderstorm cause enormous charge differences which are thought to be a key component to lightening.
  6. Lightening has also been known to be created by nuclear blasts, volcanic eruptions, and heavy snowstorms.
  7. You can be struck by lightning even if you are 10 miles away from a thunderstorm.
  8. Though statistically the odds are slim, lightening can strike in the same place more than once.
  9. The air surrounding a lightning bolt can reach temperatures up to five times hotter than the suns’ surface. This sudden increase In temperature causes the noise known as thunder.
  10. There are about 2,000 deaths per year, worldwide caused by lightening.

While there are many undoubtedly interesting things yet to be discovered about Lightening, we will continue to watch the skies for this always unique experience. We hope you have enjoyed these Lightening Pictures and Facts!

Lightening Pictures and Fact


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