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Cool Lava Lamp Pictures

Cool Lava Lamp Pictures

Oddly illuminating, Cool Lava Lamps are definitely one of modern mans’ cool notions.  Aside from its’ ever popular original design, this iconic lamp has been also been customized, altered and otherwise embellished upon over the years to create some pretty awesome, illuminated displays!

With over 400,000 of these lamps manufactured each year, British inventor Edward Craven Walkers’ bubbly notion transformed into a lighting decor favorite following it’s  real life conception in 1963. Lava Lamps introduced a cool new style of  lighting to the world; rather entrancing entertainment blended with illumination.

Cool Lava Lamps 2


Lava Lamp

Many individuals absolutely love these lamps; from their smooth, psychedelic glow to their overall retro modern style, it’s often hard to have just one, and many lava lamp enthusiasts place multiple lamps in their homes.

Lava Lamp

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You can find Lava Lamps in a myriad of color combinations these days, allowing for a highly personalized choice in lighting, but the lamps can get even more awesome yet! Some trendy restaurants and clubs feature customized lava lamps, and there are many alterations on the original design available to the public. 

Lava Lamp

You can find more than just a change in the design of the Lava Lamp stand; another popular alteration for a lava lamp uses glitter in the liquid of the lamp instead of the traditional bubbling “lava” substance for a spectacular glittery display. Though some would argue that this takes the “lava” out of the lava lamp, others find the sparkling lamps captivating.

Lava Lamp 6

Lava lamps have also been incorporated into other household lighting, such as this Lava Floor Lamp.

Lava Lamp

How about 2 different lava lamps in one? This cool “wave” shaped lava lamp features two separate lava columns with two different colors, so you don’t have to decide on just one color!

Lava Lamp 1

Cool Lava Lamp 4Enthusiasts look forward to even more Cool Lava Lamps being available in the future and hope that the manufacturers take a “Sky is the Limit” approach to designing new styles. Since the ever popular Lava Lamp is showing no sign of going out of style, there are surely many new designs in the works and lava lamp lovers can’t wait to see what will be available next!

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Cool Lava Lamp Pictures


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