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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Home lighting is a personal choice, and thanks to all the great lighting options available these days, we can practically light our living space just about any way imaginable. This makes for lots of fun shopping for the right lighting for your own personal preference, your décor theme, or for the needs of each room in the home.

Enter the Himalayan Salt Lamp!

Himalayan Salt LampSimply put, these lamps are a solid chunk of Himalayan Pink Salt with a bulb inserted inside, resting on a lovely wood base. Each lamp is a unique work of art, with color striations and contours that are exclusive to the individual piece. The light from the bulb shining through the salt crystal creates a smooth, soft light that is perfect for watching tv, enjoying a romantic dinner,  or enhancing a stress relieving message, and also makes a stunning nightlight for hallways or living rooms. The soft glow of these lamps lends relaxing ambiance to your living space, and creates conversation among your guests. Who isn’t going to ask “What is that?” when they see a large glowing salt crystal, right?

Himalayan Salt Lamp 1

The lamps are also reputed to have natural health benefits, and are actually scientifically proven to ionize the surrounding atmosphere. When the salt warms up from the bulb, they help to cleanse the air, removing dust, mold spores and other allergens like pollen by emitting negative ions, only without the noise of conventional air ionizers.

Salt Lamps come in a multitude of different sizes and shapes, each handcrafted by salt artisans. From natural salt crystal lamps to hand carved lamps in the form of geometric shapes, various animal shapes, and the popular “Abundance Bowl” or “Fire Bowl”, there is a style for just about everyone. They also make excellent, unique gifts for housewarming parties, birthdays and other special occasions, that your recipient is sure to love!

Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp

When it comes to earthy, natural lighting, or the need for dim lighting in game rooms or bedrooms, a Himalayan Salt Lamp or two will be perfect for the job. You may even love them so much you decide you want them throughout your home!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp