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Full Moon Pictures & Facts

Full Moon Pictures & Facts

These Full Moon Pictures beautifully illustrate the most popular Lunar phase of the month. Gazing at these images, we are quickly reminded why many of earths’ creatures, including humans, find it so captivating!

Full Moon Pictures

Full Moon Facts

  1. When we look at the moon, it is always a view of the same side; the other side of the moon is constantly hidden from our view.
  2. The gravitational pull the earth exerts on the moon causes earthquakes deep below the Lunar surface, which have been observed by scientists using a seismograph. It is not known whether the quakes can cause fissure eruptions like the ones we see here on earth, however scientists do think that the moon has a molten core.
  3. Despite the fact that our moon is tiny in comparison to the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn, it is actually not small in comparison to the other satellites of the solar system, ranking as the solar systems’ fifth largest natural satellite.
  4. Temperatures on the moon range from 253 degrees F (123 C) in direct sunlight, to minus 243 F (minus 153 C) on the dark side.

Full Moon 1Full Moon

Full Moon Facts

  • Circumference at Equator: 10,917.0 km
  • Diameter: 3,475 km
  • Mass: 73,476,730,924,573,500 million kg (0.0123 x Earth)
  • Average Distance from Earth: 384,400 km
  • Length of Orbit: 27.3 Earth days
  • Surface Temperature: -233 to 123 °C

Full Moon 5

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Full Moon Pictures & Facts


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