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4 Features that Boost Your Home Value

4 Features that Boost Your Home Value

When it comes to selling your home at the best price possible, you must take a careful look at the features that  will attract potential home buyers and optimize your chances for a profitable deal. Read below to take a look at 4 Features that Boost Your Home Value.

Updated Kitchen
Kitchens have become one of the most important rooms of the home to pay attention to when showing your home to prospective buyers because often, it can make or break your sale. Your kitchen can be a key selling point, so you should be sure that it has an updated appearance.

When doing so make sure to consider what type of buyer your home is likely to attract. If your home features 3-4 bedrooms or more, you are liable to encounter buyers shopping for a home for their family, and it may be best to update the kitchen in a more classic style. If your buyers are likely to be younger to middle aged couples or partners, you may want to go with a modern theme.

4 Features that Boost Your Home Value

Try to be sure that your kitchen portrays an easily organized, efficient and aesthetically pleasing space. Be sure that the lighting in your kitchen is sufficient, that there is plenty of room for cooking equipment and food storage, and that people are able to move freely throughout the space. If possible, pantries are another great optimal amenity to include in your kitchen.

Updated Bathrooms
This is another room of the home that greatly influences the buyers’ decision. You should make sure that your bathroom is updated, has sufficient lighting, and storage space, and possesses a stylish, and comfortable appearance. The last thing you want is for buyers to start wondering how much time and money it would cost to update the room.

Boost Your Home Value Updated Bathroom

Master Bedroom
Make sure that your master bedroom instantly becomes one the your potential buyers’ favorite rooms. Considering that your buyers will be sleeping in this room, make sure that it has the look and feel of a luxurious personal suite that will immediately capture the buyers’ eye.

Buyers will most likely be looking for a relaxing retreat area with plenty of room for comfortable furniture and ample storage space. Keep wall colors calm to promote a restful atmosphere. A walk in closet is always a good idea if you have the available space, however for smaller master bedrooms a nice wardrobe is a good option. You will also want the room to have access to a private, full master bathroom if possible. If you have a smaller bedroom and/or lack a master bath, you may want to consider expanding into a bedroom next door. It is generally better to have a nice sized master bedroom with a full bath, than a small master bedroom with the additional bedroom.

Boost Your Home Value Master Bedroom

Finished Basement
If your home has an unfinished basement, or one that needs updating, it is worth considering how this area of the home will appeal to potential buyers. Basements that serve as a functional room rather than just a storage space are optimal in selling buyers on this space, so you definitely want to consider finishing out your basement. If your basement is already finished, you may want to update floor coverings, paint the walls and arrange some furniture in an aesthetically pleasing display to make it more usable.

If you choose to go all out on your basement and re-design it to be more attractive to your prospective buyers, some good options are turning the space into a bedroom or bedrooms, a secondary living room, or an entertainment room.

Features that Boost Your Home Value Finished Basement

These areas of your home are of utmost importance to potential buyers, therefore you should make sure that they are updated and looking their best when you show your home. To ensure that you get top dollar, these 4 Features that Boost Your Home Value are definitely worth the time and investment!

4 Features that Boost Your Home Value


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