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iphone 4 Cases – Custom iphone Cases

iphone 4 Cases

iphone 4 Cases take on a whole new light when you find just the right one to suit your individual style! However, in a world of mass produced stuff it can be hard to find a unique iphone Case that stands out. Generally, you will wind up with something that looks just like everyone else has, and become quickly bored with it. Fortunately there is an option that can land you the perfect iphone Case with just a click or two of your mouse!

Custom iphone Cases

Bored with the same old designs everyone else has on their iphone 4 Cases? Looking for an iphone Case that will attract attention? Good news, now you can buy a customized iphone Case that features an artist’s rendering of some pretty awesome images!

The iphone 4 Cases below feature a simple, elegant butterfly design that might just suit your fancy. The best thing about these iphone 4 Cases is that the design can be adjusted to make your iphone Case a thing of true beauty, just the way you want it!

iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures 1

Maybe dragons are your thing, and you would enjoy iphone 4 Cases with a tribal style dragon like these…

iphone 4 cases - Dragon


iphone 4 cases - Dragon Blue


If Chinese Dragons are more your style, these next iphone 4 Cases have you covered, and again, the design can be adjusted to make your case look just like you want it to!

iphone 4 cases - Dragon Chineseiphone 4 cases - Dragon Chinese 1

Looking for an iphone Case with a unique Abstract image? This next one may be perfect for you, it has an Abstract Fire image entitled “Abstract Tribal Fire Storm”.

custom iphone cases - Abstract Fire

Here are a couple of iphone 4 Cases with stunning landscape images for the nature lovers out there.

custom iphone cases 2

Remember, all images can be adjusted to fit on the iphone case just the way you want it. This allows you to create custom iphone cases that look exactly the way you want them too!

iphone cases
custom iphone cases

iphone 4 casesIn the mood for a little Christmas spirit? This one will have you hearing Christmas Carols in no time!

Cases are available for the following models:

  • iphone 4 / 4S
  • iphone 5 / 5S
  • iphone 5C
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S5

Regardless of what design you may choose, you aren’t likely to run into another iphone Case like yours. Every time you pull out your cell phone, you can feel a sense of individuality, showing off a taste of style that is all your own! You may even find yourself looking forward to others asking where they can find such awesome iphone 4 Cases!

To order your customized iphone Case today – Click Here>>

iphone 4 Cases


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Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places tend to strike us as weird, and appeal to our interest in the strange and unusual. However, perhaps one of the weirdest things about abandoned places like these is the unsettling thought of a bustling accomplishment of modern man turning into a vacant, desolate shadow of its self, often within very little time. After all, most of us find ancient ruins positively interesting and are drawn to them to observe and contemplate the wonders that were created by man long before our time, but on the average most people don’t find an ancient abandoned city to be weird stuff at all.

We tend to have a much different sensation when viewing an ancient piece of pottery that was unearthed in an ancient city, than we do when viewing an old Pepsi can or mattress languishing away in what was once a busy building full of people; the pop cans’ colors fading, the mattress stained from the elements that have broken or seeped through the  structures’ roof or walls.

But regardless of exactly why we find them weird, we find modern abandoned places to be a tempting subject, an oddity we can’t resist, and we love to see pictures of these places, so here we go!

Abandoned Places
photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc

Chateau Miranda in Celles, Belgium (Above)
Built by French aristocrats around the time of World War II and abandoned in 1980, the Chateau Miranda in Celles, Belgium appears to have the feel of the mansion in the movie The Haunting. The overgrown gardens and unkempt appearance of the Chateau set the mind awhirl with notions and most would agree it would be an excellent backdrop for a great ghost story!

Abandoned Places 1photo credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

Sanzhi UFO Houses – San Zhi, Taiwan 
This next abandoned place is “out of this world” mainly because it features what most would consider as being very modern accommodations, in a state of deteriorating disappointment. Their appearance is strikingly odd and interesting even if you suspect they may have been built as a resort for movie stars or eccentric wealthy people, but finding out that they were actually built to house US military officers in 1978 may make this abandoned place even weirder.

sanzhi-ufo-housesphoto credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

Better yet, the houses were intended to be sold to the officers, but were never completed due to loss of investment!

sanzhi-ufo-houses 2photo credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

What a waste of open, modern design, they look like they would have been very cool to live in.  At least they weren’t evacuated due to nuclear fallout like our next abandoned place!

Pripyat, Russia
Once a bustling city of almost 50,000, Pripyat had the unfortunate circumstance of being located near Chernobyl in Russia. When the nuclear disaster occurred at the power plant there in 1986, the city was quickly and permanently evacuated.

Chernobylphoto credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

Chernobyl 1photo credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

Residents left many personal belongings behind in the rush to leave, and it is these belongings that seem to have the biggest impact when people look at pictures of the city. Another odd feature of the city is the amusement park which sets eerily still, its bumper cars rusting away, its lonely Ferris wheel silently standing right where it provided its last ride almost 30 years ago.

Since the nuclear disaster, this once large city is populated only by buildings full of rooms decorated in flaking paint, long forgotten furniture and personal possessions, and the odd feel of a modern city abandoned in a flash and left for the ravages of time to slowly consume. The only living inhabitants are now local wildlife who have made the city their home in the absence of people.

Abandoned Places - Chernobyl 2photo credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

abandoned-detroit 2photo credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

Believe it or not, the picture directly above was not taken at Pripyat, this is an image from…

Detroit, Michigan, USA 
One of the most shocking abandoned places was not left behind due to contamination but the receding US economy; since the economic downturn of recent years, large areas of Detroit have been mostly abandoned and left to fade away. Entire blocks of apartment buildings and streets full of houses now sit without anyone to care for them, representing a sad fact of the times. Another example of modern ruins that just seem plain weird.

abandoned places-detroitphoto credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

abandoned-detroit 3photo credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

El Hotel del Salto (Below)
Built in 1928 to accommodate wealthy tourists visiting the astonishing 515 feet high Telquendama Falls nearby, El Hotel Del Salto fell into ruin, reportedly after the river water of the falls became contaminated, causing visitors to stay away.

Located 18 miles southwest of Bogotá, Colombia in South America, the hotel is thought to be haunted as well which may actually be a great attraction to bring visitors back to the area if it is refurbished as rumors suggest may happen.

el-hotel-del-saltophoto credit: Alveart via photopin cc

Despite all of our best intentions and no matter the grand design, any number of towns, cities, or structures we build may wind up abandoned, in fact, over time they all do. We are always likely to find those most recent Abandoned Places to be the most unsettling, the most weird, and the most eerie, perhaps because we never know what location in the world may become abandoned next…

Abandoned Places


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Lightening Pictures and Facts | 10 Interesting Facts About Lightening

Lightening Pictures and Facts

When it comes to natural entertainment, very few things on earth can compare to lightening! Mother Natures’ lightshows are always spectacular sights to see, lighting up the skies with stunning works of art that last only a few seconds, while discharging extraordinary amounts of electricity.

No doubt mankind has always been astounded by lightning. Very few people can resist the chance to see this illuminating yet fleeting show, thought some are lucky enough to catch it on camera. View our lightening gallery for some captivating lightening pictures examples!

10 Interesting Facts About Lightening (Also See in Image Gallery above.)

  1. If you get struck by lightning while in your home, chances are you were talking on the phone; the leading cause of in-home lightening related deaths.
  2. Some scientists theorize that the immense energy and heat given off by lightening may have aided in the evolution of life on earth as it has been discovered that it transforms elements into the compounds found in all organisms.
  3. The US experiences over 100,000 lightning storms per year, creating over 25 Million cloud to ground lightning bolts. An estimated that the earth its self is struck by more than a hundred lightning bolts every second!
  4. Odds of being struck by lightening in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000, while odds of getting struck by lightening in the US during the course of any given year is 1 in 700.000.
  5. Ice particles colliding while swirling around in a thunderstorm cause enormous charge differences which are thought to be a key component to lightening.
  6. Lightening has also been known to be created by nuclear blasts, volcanic eruptions, and heavy snowstorms.
  7. You can be struck by lightning even if you are 10 miles away from a thunderstorm.
  8. Though statistically the odds are slim, lightening can strike in the same place more than once.
  9. The air surrounding a lightning bolt can reach temperatures up to five times hotter than the suns’ surface. This sudden increase In temperature causes the noise known as thunder.
  10. There are about 2,000 deaths per year, worldwide caused by lightening.

While there are many undoubtedly interesting things yet to be discovered about Lightening, we will continue to watch the skies for this always unique experience. We hope you have enjoyed these Lightening Pictures and Facts!

Lightening Pictures and Fact


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Cool Lava Lamp Pictures

Cool Lava Lamp Pictures

Oddly illuminating, Cool Lava Lamps are definitely one of modern mans’ cool notions.  Aside from its’ ever popular original design, this iconic lamp has been also been customized, altered and otherwise embellished upon over the years to create some pretty awesome, illuminated displays!

With over 400,000 of these lamps manufactured each year, British inventor Edward Craven Walkers’ bubbly notion transformed into a lighting decor favorite following it’s  real life conception in 1963. Lava Lamps introduced a cool new style of  lighting to the world; rather entrancing entertainment blended with illumination.

Cool Lava Lamps 2


Lava Lamp

Many individuals absolutely love these lamps; from their smooth, psychedelic glow to their overall retro modern style, it’s often hard to have just one, and many lava lamp enthusiasts place multiple lamps in their homes.

Lava Lamp

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You can find Lava Lamps in a myriad of color combinations these days, allowing for a highly personalized choice in lighting, but the lamps can get even more awesome yet! Some trendy restaurants and clubs feature customized lava lamps, and there are many alterations on the original design available to the public. 

Lava Lamp

You can find more than just a change in the design of the Lava Lamp stand; another popular alteration for a lava lamp uses glitter in the liquid of the lamp instead of the traditional bubbling “lava” substance for a spectacular glittery display. Though some would argue that this takes the “lava” out of the lava lamp, others find the sparkling lamps captivating.

Lava Lamp 6

Lava lamps have also been incorporated into other household lighting, such as this Lava Floor Lamp.

Lava Lamp

How about 2 different lava lamps in one? This cool “wave” shaped lava lamp features two separate lava columns with two different colors, so you don’t have to decide on just one color!

Lava Lamp 1

Cool Lava Lamp 4Enthusiasts look forward to even more Cool Lava Lamps being available in the future and hope that the manufacturers take a “Sky is the Limit” approach to designing new styles. Since the ever popular Lava Lamp is showing no sign of going out of style, there are surely many new designs in the works and lava lamp lovers can’t wait to see what will be available next!

We hope you enjoyed these Cool Lava Lamps Pictures, and will find more that interests you at Cool Notion Quest… be sure to take a look around.

Cool Lava Lamp Pictures


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Image Credits (In Order of Appearance):

photo credit: Max Kueng via photopin cc
photo credit: Irene Miranda via photopin cc
photo credit: Sam Howzit via photopin cc
photo credit: idogcow via photopin cc
photo credit: DG Jones via photopin cc
photo credit: inabeanpod via photopin cc
photo credit: Sandy Austin via photopin cc
photo credit: ck_arts via photopin cc

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

This archaeological preserve located in Montezuma County, Colorado was established as Mesa Verde National Park in 1906. A popular National Park, it is also the largest archaeological preserve in the US, as well as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Tens of thousands of visitors come to Mesa Verde each year to see the thousands of Anasazi ruins which are present in various conditions throughout the park.
Mesa Verde National Forest

The ruins were built along the top edges of the canyon walls as well as within alcoves located within the cliff walls, over the course of 1,000 years throughout the Mesa Verde area. Though many ruins are likely yet to be discovered, there are currently 5,000 known archaeological sites, 600 of which are cliff dwellings.

Mesa Verde 3

The ruins located just atop the canyon walls (example shown above) treat visitors to more easily accessed ruins, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding southwestern landscape. However, it is the well preserved ruins constructed in the canyon walls themselves that intrigue guests the most, especially those precariously placed high above the canyon floor.

Regardless of the location of the sites, the amazing ancient structures of Mesa Verde draw guests from around the world, inviting visitors to discover the wonders created by the ancient North American culture of the Anasazi.

Mesa Verde

If you are looking for adventure, there are many miles of park trails to explore at Mesa Verde, providing endless hours of exploration in this vast park. However, you should take care to watch out for rattlesnakes, as the park does have a few!

The park is lovely any time of the year, though access is restricted during the winter months and summer visits are likely to be hot and dry. Early fall and late spring visits provide a cooler stay at the park, while a visit during color drive season ensures unique views of an autumn colored Mesa Verde. Viewing some of the ruins at sunset or sunrise is a special treat, as the orange colored light baths the old structures creating an enchanting vision of days past.

Mesa Verde Sunset

Settled by the Anasazi people in about 550 AD, Mesa Verde is inhabited by wildlife such as deer, rabbits, coyotes, snakes, lizards and many species of birds. Having reached the height of their civilization around 1100-1300 AD, the Anasazi population may have reached several thousand individuals during this time. They left behind clues which give us some notion as to their way of life; pieces of hand painted pottery, long forgotten jars of ancient stored corn, stone tools and other fascinating items have been found in, and around, the ruins of Mesa Verde.

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Bioluminescent 1
Mesa Verde Cliff Palace

The cliff dwellings, mostly built from 1190-1270 AD, are commonly viewed as the most spectacular of the ruins at Mesa Verde National Park.  The most well-known of these cliff dwellings is the “Balcony House” which contains over 200 rooms and is pretty easily accessible. Meanwhile the notorious “Cliff Palace” (shown above) offers stunning and exhilarating views of the surrounding landscape from it’s position high in the cliff wall.

Ascending to the Cliff Palace in particular is not an adventure for the faint of heart. A short climb up a wooden later or two is required to reach this awe inspiring destination, but well worth the trouble for those who dare!

Cliff Palace Climb

Comfortable lodging is available at several in Park facilities, such as the Far View Lodge. Reflecting it’s surroundings in the park, this lodge is an excellent place to find solitude, a break from the problems of life and free from modern distractions like tv and cell phone service. The lodge boasts plenty of wild animal watching and breathtaking views of Mesa Verde. Accommodations include a choice of the lodges’ Standard Rooms, which come complete with private balcony and in-room refrigerator, or a Kiva Room for the upgraded ambiance of handcrafted furniture, and air-conditioning with a private balcony.

Far View Lodge

Delicious dining is also available; you can grab a fantastic bite to eat at either the Spruce Tree Terrace Café, the Mesa Verde Metate Room Restaurant, which received “Award of Culinary Excellence” from the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chefs Association in the area of sustainable cuisine, or the Far View Terrace Café, which is located near the Far View Lodge as well as the Far View Visitor center.

Mesa Verde Far View Lodge

Between the ancient cultural aspects and the natural beauty of Mesa Verde National Park, it is well worth the trip and offers a unique vacation experience you will never forget!

Mesa Verde National Park


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Image Credits (In order of appearance) 

photo credit: j-fi via photopin cc
photo credit: Dougtone via photopin cc
photo credit: Dougtone via photopin cc
photo credit: kern.justin via photopin cc
photo credit: mistersmed via photopin cc
photo credit: PSHiker via photopin cc

photo credit: Ken Lund via photopin cc
photo credit: Ken Lund via photopin cc

Apollo E Cig Review – EGo E Cig

Apollo E Cig Review

Hello, my name is Tina Barnash. I am a real person and a real smoker…in fact, I was a heavy smoker for over 20 years. I am proud to say that I have not smoked in over two years now, and I am very happy to report that I quit without any cravings, relapses or crankiness! 

1 Million Free E-Cigs

I wanted to share my experience with Apollo E Cigs with others, as I am very happy to no longer be smoking, and much more satisfied with my E Cig than I everwas with real cigarettes! Of course, I always enjoyed smoking. Admittedly, I started smoking in high school and instantly loved the sensation and the flavor. I loved to have a cigarette after each meal, with my morning coffee, my drive to work, my drive home, pretty much every other moment of the day I was not sleeping.

However, over the years the flavor of traditional cigarettes changed to the point where I no longer liked the flavor; I speculate that this is due to all those nasty chemicals the manufacturers put into them these days. I had become dissatisfied not only with the flavor of the tobacco, but also with the smokers cough, the occasional chest pains I developed in the last several years, the inability to feel I was getting enough air when I breathed, lack of energy, inability to taste anything or smell anything anymore, and…the ever increasing, high cost!

Apollo E Cig Review

One day I was at my doctors’ office and she asked if I had ever tried Electronic Cigarettes. I told her that I had not tried them, she suggested I give it a try before I caused myself some massive, if not fatal, health issues! Yup, my doctor suggested this. According to her, the Nicotine you get from a cigarette is not what causes cancer, in fact, she told me that the Nicotine you get from E Cigs is no worse for you than a cup of coffee! Anybody ever heard of anyone dying from cancer or a heart attack from drinking coffee? I mean, you never hear anyone say “Ya, Ted passed away last week. Poor guy just had one too many cups of coffee”? No, she told me, it is those very same chemicals that I suspect had ruined the flavor of my favorite vice for me. The 4,000 + chemicals now contained within the cigarettes that cause cancer. Well that and the fact that you are constantly breathing smoke! She informed me that, though as a doctor she preferred that I not smoke ordrink coffee, she would rather I smoked 10 times as many E Cigs than continuing to smoke real cigarettes. She also assured me that if I would switch to E Cigs, I would be able to breath, taste, smell and perhaps even get more energy back again.

Well, I must admit that though all of this sounded great, I was apprehensive; Would it really taste like smoke? I mean, like tobacco smoke used to taste? Would it really feel like smoking? Would it have that great sensation you get when you take a drag off a cigarette and pull the smoke into your lungs? How about the cost? I mean, I don’t drink alcohol and don’t do drugs, I am not even over weight. I already don’t have any fun as far as typical vices goes…what if this takes all the fun out of my one single vice? Non the less, I felt it was of the utmost importance to heed her advice about quitting smoking, after all, no vice in the world is worth not being with my kids, loosing my life early.

So, I started my long search for the perfect E Cig. It took me over a year and several different types of Electronic Cigarettes to finally find one that I am totally satisfied with; in cost, flavor, vapor volume and availability.

  • First I tried Colorado E Cigs, they were expensive and did not produce enough vapor for my smoke addicted lungs.
  • Then I tried the Safe Cig, I was really happy with that one until…they went out of business because their liquid filled cartridges were imported from China and their distributor could no longer supply them.

After that, I went in search of a company that makes their liquid in America.

  • I tried South Beach Smokes…not enough vapor!
  • I tried ProSmoke; their cigs had more vapor, but I didn’t like the cost or the flavor.
  • I tried the Blue E Cigs…still not enough vapor!

(I also did not like having to recharge all of those little batteries every two hours and was unhappy with the level of customer service and guarantees these companies provided for their products.)

EGo E Cig

Now, all this time I had not smoked a single cigarette since I had tried my first E Cig. I was so unbelievably happy not to be smoking real cigarettes, to be able tosmoke anywhere, and so satisfied with most of the E Cig Liquid flavors, that I was determined to find the perfect E Cig! I had been a heavy smoker, like 2-3 packs a day, and needed lots of vapor! So I was very happy when I finally tried the Free Apollo E-Cig offer. The free e cig tasted great and had the loads of vapor I was looking for. So, I went to their website and shopped around…and was absolutely thrilled when I found their EGo Starter Kit! The batteries only need recharging once per day, the e cig provided even more vapor than the one I tried, and I loved their Tobacco flavor! It tasted just like I remember real tobacco tasting when I was in high school!

I immediately ordered my EGo Starter Kit and impatiently awaited it’s arrival. The order arrived very quickly and I excitedly charged my batteries and waited for that perfect puff I was anticipating…

Ahhhh….I was in heaven!

The flavor was great, the vapor was awesome. Loads and loads of yummy, sensational vapor! Even with my freight train habit of puffing away, I found that the EGo batteries did in fact only need to be charged once per day and sometimes, when I have a day when the stress level is low, I can go for over a day without recharging!

After a few months of smoking the EGo I discovered that it is also the cheapest E Cig I had tried; costing me less than $30 per month to puff to my hearts content!

Apollo makes their own E Liquid, right here in the US, and provides quick shipping, a nice guarantee, and excellent customer service. They even have instant chat right on their website if you need anything! I have yet to ever buy any parts from them that arrived in non working order.

So, to recap my review of Apollo E Cigs:

  • Loads and loads of yummy, sensational vapor!
  • Great flavors (I have tried most of them now and they are all yummy!)
  • Less than $30 per month to puff to my hearts content! (This may not be the same for everyone, but I smoke a lot! This is also the cost for my EGo, so I cannot be sure of the cost for the other models.)
  • No constant recharging of batteries.
  • Guarantee on batteries. (Not that I have needed it, never had any problems with any of their products.)
  • Fast Shipping.
  • Reliable availability of products.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • *Coupons are available online whenever I search for them, so I rarely ever pay full price for my supplies.

I wanted to share my experience and Apollo E Cig Review with others in hopes of saving someone else the expense and waste of time I went through to find my perfect E-Cig!
If you would like to try Apollo, click on the 1st image on this page and get a free E-Cig! (You do pay for shipping, but trust me, it’s worth it!)

Apollo E Cig Review

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Quality you can afford. Performance you'll love. Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Western Ghost Towns | Adventure into the Past

Western Ghost Towns

Nothing appeals to those with an adventuresome nature, a flair for American history and/or a love of good ghost stories, like Western Ghost Towns!

Tucked away in the mountains of the American west, these abandoned towns are a captivating reminder of days gone by. Constructed mostly in the rough terrain of the rocky mountains and rural areas of western America, it is obvious that the pioneers who built these towns were determined individuals to say the least. They came to the west for gold, silver and other precious minerals, as well as coal, thus the towns were built wherever these resources were found, despite the often unforgiving circumstances of the location. From high mountain valleys to the plains of the west, these towns remain to this day, sprinkled throughout the land as well as our history.

Adventure into the Past

Adventure into the Past

In modern times, overall interest in these sometimes hard to reach ghost towns has increased, especially as adventuresome vacation destinations. Vacationers are delighted to find that many of these ghost towns exist in beautiful mountainous areas which themselves are captivating to behold. Despite the rough terrain, visitors to these sites mostly agree that the pioneers sure could pick gorgeous locations for their towns.

Western Ghost Towns
photo credit: Tina Barnash Purchase at Fine Art America

One such ghost town is known as the Town of Crystal. Nestled among high mountain peaks next to the Crystal River a few miles above Marble, Colorado, it features amazing views of the high peaks that surround the valley, as well as dense pine forests, jagged cliffs and meadows of colorful wildflowers. This ghost town features a rather unique technological marvel of the time, a water mill (pictured above) which produced electricity in it’s hay day, allowing the town of Crystal to have the first power available in the area. Studying the old mill and the town just beyond, one can imagine how travelers to the town back in the day must have been astonished to come upon this little town nestled far from civilization in a high mountain valley, it’s streets lit with the glow of electric bulbs.

The town has been partially refurbished by history loving citizens, some of whom now live there year round, opening their quaint cabin doors to visitors of the area during the summer. Visitors can actually enter the some of the old buildings, which have been refurbished with mostly authentic materials, and get a feel for life in the late 1800’s. The old cabins are still furnished with original embellishments such as authentic wood stoves,  door knobs, hinges, sinks and more.

Western Ghost Towns

Venture over McClure Pass,  through the North Fork Valley and past Montrose  to the Ouray, Telluride and Silverton areas,  and you will find a number of Ghost Towns sprinkled throughout the general region.  From Red Mountain Town near the crest of Red Mountain Pass, which once had as many as 10,000 inhabitants during it’s booming years, to  Tomboy Mine, situated in Savage Basin at an elevation of 11,500 ft., there is certainly no shortage of adventure in the area for those seeking Western Ghost Towns to visit.

Many of these locations can only be reached by 4  wheel drive vehicle, and many of the roads can be downright treacherous to navigate, but for those who dare to traverse these rocky jeep trails the rewards are great. Aside from visiting the Western Ghost Towns themselves, the endlessly stunning views of the beautiful Rocky Mountains are sure to captivate modern visitors, just as it did the pioneers who built the towns over a century ago.

Western Ghost Towns

Western Ghost Towns


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photo credit (1st image on the page): pam’s pics- via photopin cc
photo credit (3rd image): Charles16e via photopin cc
photo credit (2cnd & 4th images: Tina Barnash