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Extraordinary Hotels for Extraordinary People – IceHotel, Sweden

Extraordinary Hotels for Extraordinary People – IceHotel, Sweden

Located 200 km above the Arctic Circle and crafted entirely of crystal clear river ice, this hotel boasts an awesome adventure opportunity that no other hotel in the world can offer. Aside from sleeping on a bed made of solid ice, ordering a drink at an ice bar, or eating gourmet food served in ice dishes, this is the only hotel you will ever stay in that is rebuild from the ground up every year!

Ice Hotel Sweden 2

For the past 24 years, a dedicated crew of 40 ice artisans, builders and lighting designers has undertaken the annual construction of the IceHotel. Each year the hotel features a different layout, complete with ice furniture, ice sculptures and other ice art. The location of the hotel is the only thing that remains the same every year; each hotel is artfully displayed and open to guests near the small Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi.

Ice Hotel 2

During the hotels’ 3 month open season, 12,000 guests stay for at least one night, with tens of thousands more visiting for just a day. The icy wonderland is lit with fiber optic and LED lighting which bath the ice in a rainbow of soft colors.
Among other things, the hotel facilities include a fully stocked ice bar, where the drinks don’t come with ice, they are served in ice. In fact, over 800 tons of river ice is turned into the hotels’ signature ice glasses every year; nearly one million ice glasses in total, which are used once, and then simply melt away. The hotels’ gourmet meals are also served in and on ice, creating a unique dining experience.

Ice Hotel Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden 3

The guest rooms remain at a constant temperature of -5 degrees, featuring beds artfully sculpted of solid ice and lavishly covered in genuine reindeer hides. Guests report sleeping “like a baby” attributing this wonderful rest to the peaceful solitude of their ice accommodations.

Ice Hotel Guest Room

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The crystal clear appearance of the ice is due to the use of the purest ice in the world, made from the purest water in the world which comes from the nearby Torne River. Keeping the hotel clean is a non-stop job, requiring cleaning staff to constantly remove dirty snow and ice, and bring in clean, fresh snow and ice with the use of wheel barrows and shovels.

Ice Hotel Room Bed

Visitors to the hotel include individuals from around the world who come to witness it’s spectacular beauty, enhanced by the hand carved crystalline ice sculptures that comprise every single feature of the hotel, and the quiet, calming atmosphere that only a hotel made of solid ice can provide.

Without a doubt, the IceHotel in Sweden is one of the most Extraordinary Hotels for Extraordinary People; but you had better hurry and visit soon if you want to see this years’ latest amazing ice ice accommodations before it all melts away!

Want to learn more about the Ice Hotel?  Checkout the documentary! [Click Here to View]

Extraordinary Hotels for Extraordinary People – IceHotel, Sweden


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