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Apollo Evod E Cig Review | Big Vapor for Heavy Smokers or Vaping Lovers

Apollo E-Cigarettes

Apollo eVod E Cig Review

I thought I would let everyone know about my latest experience with Apollo E Cigs, so here is my Apollo eVod E Cig Review!

As you know, I have already fallen in LOVE with the Apollo Ego Ecig and posted a rave review on it (Click Here to read). Now don’t get me wrong, I still love my Ego Ecig, but sometimes when I get stressed out I would like more vapor than the Ego produces. So, when Apollo sent me a great coupon for their Holiday VTube Kit at Christmas time, and I saw that it was designed to produce more vapor, I bought myself a Christmas present!

Big Vapor for Heavy Smokers or Vaping Lovers

Apollo eVod E Cig ReviewNeedless to say I am very happy with the eVod E Cig Kit; it definitely produces more vapor and I enjoy it on days when things are more hectic! When the week is full of my childrens’ afterschool activities and my newsletter deadlines are approaching quickly, the eVod works wonders to sooth the stress.

Comparisons to the Ego (Other than vapor volume)
I noticed that the eVod produces a more flavorful vapor than the Ego Ecig, not much, but enough so that I can definitely tell the difference. The eVod also fills from the bottom of the clearomizer rather than the top, but I find them both the same in ease of refilling. The eVod comes out to about the same price as the Ego, two batteries, two clearomizers, a charger and a wall adapter for around $60.

Here are some more details about the eVod E Cig:
• Tons and tons of yummy, sensational vapor!
• Apollo offers many great flavors (I have tried most of them now and they are all yummy!)
• It costs me less than $30 per month to puff to my hearts’ content! (This may not be the same for everyone, but I smoke a lot!)
• No constant recharging of batteries. (Batteries last me a full day or more.)
• Guarantee on batteries. (Not that I have needed it; never had any problems with any of their products.)
• Fast Shipping.
• Reliable availability of products.
• Excellent customer service.
• *Coupons are available online whenever I search for them, so I rarely ever pay full price for my supplies.

Apollo Evod Ecig Review

Evod Clearomizer

If you already have an Apollo Battery you like, like the EGo battery, there is no need to go off and buy the Evod Kit, unless you just like the look of it. I do like the glow in the dark button on the Evod, which helps me to find my Ecig in the dark while watching movies. I also find that the button does not get pushed accidentally as often because it is flush with the battery, unlike the Ego battery. However, the Evod Clearomizer works beautifully with the the Ego battery, as well as most of the other batteries they offer. Never fear, you will  get the same big, flavorful vapor!

As always, Apollo also offers lots of great, durable and attractive accessories to make your vaping experience easy a snap whereever you go! The Evod Ecig fits perfectly into the Apollo carry case, where you can keep all your supplies, like re-chargers and liquids, in one convenient place.

I applaud Apollo again for yet another awesome vaping product and definitely recommend the eVod to anyone who loves to vape! I would also recommend it to heavy smokers looking to switch to vaping.

I hope that this Apollo eVod E Cig Review is helpful and will continue to update everyone on any new E Cig products I try! In the meantime, Happy Vaping Everyone!

Quality you can afford. Performance you'll love. Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Nite Ize Cell Phone Case Review | Durable Cell Phone Case Accessory


Nite Ize Cell Phone Case Review

Nite Ize Cell Phone Case Review

“I bought this cell phone case two years ago for my husband and I must say, Nite Ize makes a damn good product! My husband is a welder and also spends a good deal of time outdoors, so he needed a case that would protect his cell phone as well as keeping it safely secured to his side at all times. He came across this at our local Ace Hardware store and thought he would give it a go. Since then, the cell phone case has reliably carried his cell phone while at work, while doing outdoor chores like chopping wood, and on many camping trips.

Durable Cell Phone Case Accessory

Despite getting some pretty rough wear, like being scratched by brush while hiking, exposed to a welding shop workplace, and otherwise harshly treated outdoors, it has rarely ever come off his belt by accident and has done a great job of protecting his cell phone from damage. At this point, it is in no need of replacing either. None the less, the next time we are in need of a durable cell phone case, we will definitely go with Nite Ize!”

We hope you have found this Durable Cell Phone Case Accessory Review helpful!

iPhone Case

Nite Ize Cell Phone Case Review