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iphone 4 Cases – Custom iphone Cases

iphone 4 Cases

iphone 4 Cases take on a whole new light when you find just the right one to suit your individual style! However, in a world of mass produced stuff it can be hard to find a unique iphone Case that stands out. Generally, you will wind up with something that looks just like everyone else has, and become quickly bored with it. Fortunately there is an option that can land you the perfect iphone Case with just a click or two of your mouse!

Custom iphone Cases

Bored with the same old designs everyone else has on their iphone 4 Cases? Looking for an iphone Case that will attract attention? Good news, now you can buy a customized iphone Case that features an artist’s rendering of some pretty awesome images!

The iphone 4 Cases below feature a simple, elegant butterfly design that might just suit your fancy. The best thing about these iphone 4 Cases is that the design can be adjusted to make your iphone Case a thing of true beauty, just the way you want it!

iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures 1

Maybe dragons are your thing, and you would enjoy iphone 4 Cases with a tribal style dragon like these…

iphone 4 cases - Dragon


iphone 4 cases - Dragon Blue


If Chinese Dragons are more your style, these next iphone 4 Cases have you covered, and again, the design can be adjusted to make your case look just like you want it to!

iphone 4 cases - Dragon Chineseiphone 4 cases - Dragon Chinese 1

Looking for an iphone Case with a unique Abstract image? This next one may be perfect for you, it has an Abstract Fire image entitled “Abstract Tribal Fire Storm”.

custom iphone cases - Abstract Fire

Here are a couple of iphone 4 Cases with stunning landscape images for the nature lovers out there.

custom iphone cases 2

Remember, all images can be adjusted to fit on the iphone case just the way you want it. This allows you to create custom iphone cases that look exactly the way you want them too!

iphone cases
custom iphone cases

iphone 4 casesIn the mood for a little Christmas spirit? This one will have you hearing Christmas Carols in no time!

Cases are available for the following models:

  • iphone 4 / 4S
  • iphone 5 / 5S
  • iphone 5C
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S5

Regardless of what design you may choose, you aren’t likely to run into another iphone Case like yours. Every time you pull out your cell phone, you can feel a sense of individuality, showing off a taste of style that is all your own! You may even find yourself looking forward to others asking where they can find such awesome iphone 4 Cases!

To order your customized iphone Case today – Click Here>>

iphone 4 Cases


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ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos are a surprisingly awesome new way to relax and relieve the stress of the day.  If the idea of kicking back in your own home, getting a soothing massage, pampering yourself with a scalp massage and hair cut, or having your hair brushed sounds great to you, then ASMR Relaxation Videos will make your day!

ASMR Relaxation Videos SpaWithout getting into too much detail about ASMR, lets just say it’s like listening to the sounds of the ocean, or a rainstorm. Tons of people like to listen to these sounds to fall asleep or wind down, right? Well, ASMR is basically the same thing, except the sounds you will  hear in these videos involve human interaction instead of natural sounds like rain.

ASMR “artists”, as they are called, use special equipment to to record sounds that mimic those you would hear when getting your hair brushed for instance. When listening to these ASMR Relaxation Videos with headphones on, as is recommended, the sounds will actually sound real! In other words, an ASMR scalp massage session will sound as if you are actually getting a scalp massage.

ASMR Relaxation Videos FacialThese sounds trigger physical responses in your body that are similar to the soothing sensations you get when you are getting a real massage. If this isn’t making sense, think of it this way; have you ever talked to someone who had the most amazing, soothing voice? Whenever you listen to them talk, you get a warm, tingly sensation down your neck and feel practically euphoric, without that person even touching you at all? That is the sensation ASMR Relaxation Videos elicit, and it is wonderful! Since most people consider massages, beauty treatments, facials, and other such things to be the most soothing, these are the subjects they tend to focus on the most.

That being said, not all ASMR Relaxation Videos are the same. If you want to get the most benefit out of ASMR, you want a collection of the best relaxation videos available, created by the best ASMR artists. After all, ASMR only works well when the person speaking has that really great, soothing voice, like we discussed above. Not everyone can do that.

Good News! We have done all the work for you and compiled a great collection of the best ASMR Relaxation Videos on Youtube, so you can enjoy this FREE relaxation technique for yourself, right now!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started on your relaxing journey – Click Here>>

ASMR Relaxation Videos


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Title Image Credit (1st Image):ecatoncheires via photopin cc

Funny Commercials 2 – Best Snickers Commercials

Funny Commercials 2 – Best Snickers Commercials

Snickers commercials are notorious for being funny, we hope you enjoy these Funny Commercials we found on Youtube!

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Funny Commercials

Funny Commercials

If you love Funny Commercials, you are guaranteed to get a kick out of these! We found these funny commercials on Youtube and thought you may need a laugh, so it seemed like a good post for a Friday night.

Penguin lovers will particularly enjoy this first commercial, while anyone with a sense of humor will giggle too!

On a further note, and we are sure this was part of the point the creators of the commercial were going for, way to go Penguins for working together so well to avoid disaster! When was the last time you had such a great team to work with?

And here is a compilation of hilarious commercials to cheer your evening…

And finally, things don’t go like this flock of birds intended when they try to work together to rid themselves of an uninvited guest. Now this is an example of what usually happens when you think you have a good plan…

We hope you enjoyed these funny commercials and they made you laugh! If you enjoyed this post be sure to share it and spread the humor to others in need of a good laugh!

Ice Cream – Delicious Ice Cream Recipes & Flavors

Ice Cream – Delicious Ice Cream Recipes & Flavors

It’s that time of year again and as the summer season approaches we start thinking Ice Cream! This heavenly, creamy, cool stuff dates back to at least the second century B.C, maybe even as early as 3000 B.C., and after all that time it is still going strong! Ice Cream Recipes have actually changed very little over the years, though toppings and extra flavorful ingredients such as bacon have frequently worked their way into the popular dessert.

Ice Cream 1photo credit: aussiegall via photopin cc

Here we have some Ice Cream flavors and recipes to make your mouth water, and give you some tasty ideas for this summer’s cool and creamy creations! Homemade ice cream can be substituted for commercial ice cream if you really want to make your dessert stand out, and you can add whatever strikes your fancy for more decadent flavor combinations as well.

Easy Chocolate Chip Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream
This is flavor is super easy to make yourself, but tastes like a gourmet treat you would get from the best ice cream shops. Simply take your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream, blend in fresh strawberries and Chocolate Chips (dark or semi-sweet, your choice) to taste, then place in the freezer until solid. This makes a great addition to any summer BBQ and can be prepared days ahead of time, but when everyone tastes it, they will think you spent a lot of money and/or time making it! This ice cream tastes great served in waffle cones, or served in bowls with whipped cream, and fresh cherries make a mouthwatering substitute for strawberries as well. (If you decide to use cherries we recommend using dark chocolate chips.)

Salted Pineapple Crunch Vanilla Ice Cream
If sweet and salty treats are your thing, this simple yet spectacular recipe makes the perfect treat for hot summer afternoons! The pineapple lends a tropical flair to the flavor, while the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt blends beautifully on the palate with the pineapple. (Recipe Courtesy of The Himalayan Salt Boutique.)

Makes 1 Gallon


  • 1/2 Pineapple, cut into 1/2″ chunks
  • 1 Gallon Premium Vanilla Ice Cream or Homemade Ice Cream
  • Course Grain Himalayan Sea Salt [Click Here for more info.]


  1. Prepare cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.
  2. Lightly coat pineapple chunks with sea salt and spread onto cookie sheet,    making sure that the chunks do not touch. Place in freezer until frozen.
  3. Thaw 1 Gallon of ice cream until melted just enough to stir, carefully stir in frozen, salted Pineapple chunks and refreeze mixture immediately.

Mochi ice cream

Mochi ice creamphoto credit: woofiegrrl via photopin cc
We don’t have a recipe for this ice cream treat, however we can tell you that Mochi Ice Cream is made of pounded sticky rice, or Mochi, rolled out into a sheet and filled with ice cream. As you may have guessed by now this is an Asian confection, Japanese to be exact, and one that has become internationally known for it’s unique and tasty presentation of an old favorite, turning ice cream into a cold finger food. Don’t pass up the chance to sample this ice cream this summer!

Caramel Vanilla Brownie Sundae

Ice Cream 3photo credit: QuintanaRoo via photopin cc
No matter how you choose to make it, this ice cream treat is simply to die for, and very few can resist the combination of Caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream over a brownie! Our favorite recipe calls for Caramel and Chocolate sauce drizzled over vanilla ice cream, heaped on top of a dark chocolate brownie with walnuts baked in. Another great “brownie base” for this sundae can be created by baking salted caramels into the brownies.

Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Ice Creamphoto credit: Au Kirk via photopin cc
Another all-time favorite, this flavor leaves your taste buds tingling with a cool mint sensation, smoothed over with chocolate, but you probably know that already. You may love your Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream just the way it is, or you may like to add sprinkles on top, but no matter how you like it this flavor is definitely a classic summer time treat!

Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream
Ah Blueberries! This sweet berry goes great with all kinds of desserts, but we think they go best with homemade vanilla ice cream, serve in a waffle cone. Of course if you are strapped for time, you can simply use your favorite store bought vanilla ice cream and add fresh Blueberries or frozen blueberries. For added pizazz you can add a pinch of All Spice or Cinnimon, or you can make a simple Blueberry sauce and drizzle it over whipped cream covered ice cream instead. Either way this flavor is a Blueberry lover’s dream come true!

Waffles & Ice Cream
We will leave you with one last simply irresistible ice cream image here, because we just can’t leave it out; ice cream and waffles! Who ever thought of this one was a genius, and certainly put more fun into ice cream parties…mmmm!

Ice Cream 2photo credit: Phil~ via photopin cc

These are of course just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to truly fantastic Ice Cream treats, but they are sure to give you ideas and get your summer started off with a blast of cold, creamy delight!

Ice Cream – Delicious Ice Cream Recipes & Flavors


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Full Moon Pictures & Facts

Full Moon Pictures & Facts

These Full Moon Pictures beautifully illustrate the most popular Lunar phase of the month. Gazing at these images, we are quickly reminded why many of earths’ creatures, including humans, find it so captivating!

Full Moon Pictures

Full Moon Facts

  1. When we look at the moon, it is always a view of the same side; the other side of the moon is constantly hidden from our view.
  2. The gravitational pull the earth exerts on the moon causes earthquakes deep below the Lunar surface, which have been observed by scientists using a seismograph. It is not known whether the quakes can cause fissure eruptions like the ones we see here on earth, however scientists do think that the moon has a molten core.
  3. Despite the fact that our moon is tiny in comparison to the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn, it is actually not small in comparison to the other satellites of the solar system, ranking as the solar systems’ fifth largest natural satellite.
  4. Temperatures on the moon range from 253 degrees F (123 C) in direct sunlight, to minus 243 F (minus 153 C) on the dark side.

Full Moon 1Full Moon

Full Moon Facts

  • Circumference at Equator: 10,917.0 km
  • Diameter: 3,475 km
  • Mass: 73,476,730,924,573,500 million kg (0.0123 x Earth)
  • Average Distance from Earth: 384,400 km
  • Length of Orbit: 27.3 Earth days
  • Surface Temperature: -233 to 123 °C

Full Moon 5

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Full Moon Pictures & Facts


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Image Credits (In Order of Appearance)
photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc
photo credit: angelocesare via photopin cc
photo credit: marimbajlamesa via photopin cc
photo credit: kretyen via photopin cc

5 Spectacular Infinity Pools

5 Spectacular Infinity Pools

Whether their layout was dictated by the landscape which the pool was constructed on, or they were created to fit at the top of a skyscraper, these 5 Spectacular Infinity Pools create a tempting scene!

Inspired by nature, designed to mimic the mesmerizing look of an ocean horizon, Infinity Pools are a luxury water feature that most anyone would want to add to their home.

5 Spectacular Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools 6

We can’t imagine anything more relaxing than a dip in one of these pools, floating around gazing across still blue waters that seem to touch the sky, or hovering dramatically below the landscape on the horizon.

Infinity Pools 1

Nor can we imagine a more calm setting for a morning cup of coffee than sitting next to the water, watching the sun come up behind one of these stunning pools…

Infinity Pools 8

or eating lunch with this for a view…

Infinity Pools 3

These pools can be found all over the world, at luxury hotels, vacation rental homes, private homes and resorts, however, regardless of the setting the Infinity Pools are found in, they are a testament to what can come of a cool notion! We hope you enjoyed these 5 Spectacular Infinity Pools pictures!

5 Spectacular Infinity Pools


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5 Spectacular Infinity Pools

Image Credits (In Order of Appearance)
photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc
photo credit: mayrpamintuan via photopin cc
photo credit: m.gifford via photopin cc
photo credit: Aristocrats-hat via photopin cc
photo credit: Jon Juan via photopin cc
photo credit: InterContinental Hong Kong via photopin cc