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Giant Ocean Creatures Documentary Video

Giant Ocean Creatures Documentary Video

The video footage of our planet just keeps getting better and better as technology advances. And of course, it’s a good thing someone is willing to go into the water around these amazing giant creatures to get it!

If you are facinated by giant ocean life, this video is for you; it’s over an hour of top quality ocean creature footage you may have missed, and never seen before.

Giant Ocean Creatures Documentary Video

Stunning Marine Life Documentary Video

This Stunning Marine Life Documentary Video features amazing footage of sea creatures large and small. You’ll dive into the ocean to see vivid colors, interesting marine life and scenery that is seems out of this world!

If you love to watch marine animal documentaries then this video is just the thing for a boring winter evening, or maybe a lazy Sunday afternoon.

If you like Mantas you’ll find some awesome footage around 20:40 in the video. We had never seen a Manta with those markings before, and it’s always neat to see people swimming with these gentle, yet dangerous creatures.

If you’re a fan of Boxfish and Porcupine fish, there is some absolutely wonderful footage around 45:55. Checkout the Giant Frog Fish, a sponge like creature that looks fake to us, there is amazing footage of these fascinating fish around 1:04:00.

Stunning Marine Life Documentary Video

Hilarious Animated Short Film About Egyptian Pyramids

Hilarious Animated Short Film About Egyptian Pyramids

Wanna see something funny? Great! This Animated Short Film from Youtube should do the trick…

Hilarious Animated Short Film About Egyptian Pyramids

This unlucky archaeologist should reconsider his choice of companions next time he goes on a dig!

Hilarious Animated Short Film About Egyptian Pyramids

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

In a world where the population is increasing exponentially, storms are becoming stronger, and natural resources are in desperate need of sparing, news of a cheap, efficient, durable modern building material is reason to stand up and take notice. But you may be amazed to hear about this innovative new building material.

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material - Air Crete

Air Crete Home Construction Material

Okay, so it’s not new. It’s actually been known of in commercial industries for years, and used to create durable structures  for multi-million dollar companies. But it’s new to residential housing. Recently, many people have discovered just how easy, and affordable it is to build their homes out of a material known as Air Crete.

DIY Low Cost Homes Made Of Air Crete

Basically, it’s concrete with an extra ingredient…soap bubbles. Particularly dish soap foam! Yes, dish soap foam can be blended with certain types of concrete to create a light weight, fast setting kind of concrete for use in home construction.

Since roughly 9/10 of the final material used to build Air Crete homes is actually air bubbles, this cuts down significantly on concrete costs. The forms used to shape the Air Crete into blocks, doorways and windows can be made of anything, however simple, cheap aluminum, steel tube or even plastic tubing work well.

And because the concrete used to build the homes is around 90% air, the tiny spaces within the concrete walls causes a more constant temperature retention. The reason why Air Crete homes are so energy efficient.

In fact, those in the know claim that these types of structures actually cost roughly 75% less to heat or cool than traditional structures.

And perhaps even better yet, these bubbles, along with the dome shape of the home makes them super sturdy…

Air Crete can be used to build homes that can easily withstand fire, hurricane force winds and earthquakes, all while efficiently moderating the temperature within the home. Here’s a video that illustrates how durable Air Crete homes can be…

This material can be mixed and used to build homes fairly easily, and at a fraction of the cost of stick built homes, and the resulting structure is far easier to maintain.

While Air Crete can be used to create traditional square or rectangular homes, the dome shape is by far the most durable. And the homes don’t look like some kind of institutional grey nightmare, they can be light, open and airy, with any coloring inside or out that you want!

Few materials are needed to construct the frame work for Air Crete structures. It takes only a few weeks or days to create one of these homes, depending on the size and complexity of the layout.

These structures are perfect for creating earth homes, as the air flow inside the dome is efficient.  And they don’t have to be tiny either. You can add on another dome any time you want, so it’s easy to create a simple starter home and work your way up from there if you want.

Imagine, your elderly parents need more care and need to come live with you. You simply add a dome to your main structure, for perhaps less than a thousand dollars!

Maybe one of your kids is having a difficult time, or becomes ill and needs care – you can just add on another dome. Again, a few thousand dollars and a few weeks and boom…new room.

If you would like to add a green house, atrium, family room, office, game room, even a garage- anything you need or want, you simply add a new dome. Awesome right?

You may even get around to that indoor pool your family has always wanted. You could have your own library, your own den, your own art studio, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building structures.

Imagine how many houses Habitat for Humanity could put up in just a few weeks if they built them out of Air Crete. Instead of just 1 home for around $150,000, that money could build over 15 homes roughly 1200 square feet or larger in size!

And since the homes are so durable and resistant to damage from weather and natural disasters, and those big companies have documented this fact, these homes are totally insurable too!

Here we have another for you about Air Crete homes we hope you’ll enjoy…

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Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

iphone 4 Cases – Custom iphone Cases

iphone 4 Cases

iphone 4 Cases take on a whole new light when you find just the right one to suit your individual style! However, in a world of mass produced stuff it can be hard to find a unique iphone Case that stands out. Generally, you will wind up with something that looks just like everyone else has, and become quickly bored with it. Fortunately there is an option that can land you the perfect iphone Case with just a click or two of your mouse!

Custom iphone Cases

Bored with the same old designs everyone else has on their iphone 4 Cases? Looking for an iphone Case that will attract attention? Good news, now you can buy a customized iphone Case that features an artist’s rendering of some pretty awesome images!

The iphone 4 Cases below feature a simple, elegant butterfly design that might just suit your fancy. The best thing about these iphone 4 Cases is that the design can be adjusted to make your iphone Case a thing of true beauty, just the way you want it!

iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures iphone 4 cases - Butterfly Pictures 1

Maybe dragons are your thing, and you would enjoy iphone 4 Cases with a tribal style dragon like these…

iphone 4 cases - Dragon


iphone 4 cases - Dragon Blue


If Chinese Dragons are more your style, these next iphone 4 Cases have you covered, and again, the design can be adjusted to make your case look just like you want it to!

iphone 4 cases - Dragon Chineseiphone 4 cases - Dragon Chinese 1

Looking for an iphone Case with a unique Abstract image? This next one may be perfect for you, it has an Abstract Fire image entitled “Abstract Tribal Fire Storm”.

custom iphone cases - Abstract Fire

Here are a couple of iphone 4 Cases with stunning landscape images for the nature lovers out there.

custom iphone cases 2

Remember, all images can be adjusted to fit on the iphone case just the way you want it. This allows you to create custom iphone cases that look exactly the way you want them too!

iphone cases
custom iphone cases

iphone 4 casesIn the mood for a little Christmas spirit? This one will have you hearing Christmas Carols in no time!

Cases are available for the following models:

  • iphone 4 / 4S
  • iphone 5 / 5S
  • iphone 5C
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S5

Regardless of what design you may choose, you aren’t likely to run into another iphone Case like yours. Every time you pull out your cell phone, you can feel a sense of individuality, showing off a taste of style that is all your own! You may even find yourself looking forward to others asking where they can find such awesome iphone 4 Cases!

To order your customized iphone Case today – Click Here>>

iphone 4 Cases


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ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos

ASMR Relaxation Videos are a surprisingly awesome new way to relax and relieve the stress of the day.  If the idea of kicking back in your own home, getting a soothing massage, pampering yourself with a scalp massage and hair cut, or having your hair brushed sounds great to you, then ASMR Relaxation Videos will make your day!

ASMR Relaxation Videos SpaWithout getting into too much detail about ASMR, lets just say it’s like listening to the sounds of the ocean, or a rainstorm. Tons of people like to listen to these sounds to fall asleep or wind down, right? Well, ASMR is basically the same thing, except the sounds you will  hear in these videos involve human interaction instead of natural sounds like rain.

ASMR “artists”, as they are called, use special equipment to to record sounds that mimic those you would hear when getting your hair brushed for instance. When listening to these ASMR Relaxation Videos with headphones on, as is recommended, the sounds will actually sound real! In other words, an ASMR scalp massage session will sound as if you are actually getting a scalp massage.

ASMR Relaxation Videos FacialThese sounds trigger physical responses in your body that are similar to the soothing sensations you get when you are getting a real massage. If this isn’t making sense, think of it this way; have you ever talked to someone who had the most amazing, soothing voice? Whenever you listen to them talk, you get a warm, tingly sensation down your neck and feel practically euphoric, without that person even touching you at all? That is the sensation ASMR Relaxation Videos elicit, and it is wonderful! Since most people consider massages, beauty treatments, facials, and other such things to be the most soothing, these are the subjects they tend to focus on the most.

That being said, not all ASMR Relaxation Videos are the same. If you want to get the most benefit out of ASMR, you want a collection of the best relaxation videos available, created by the best ASMR artists. After all, ASMR only works well when the person speaking has that really great, soothing voice, like we discussed above. Not everyone can do that.

Good News! We have done all the work for you and compiled a great collection of the best ASMR Relaxation Videos on Youtube, so you can enjoy this FREE relaxation technique for yourself, right now!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started on your relaxing journey – Click Here>>

ASMR Relaxation Videos


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Title Image Credit (1st Image):ecatoncheires via photopin cc

Antelope Canyon – A Stunningly Beautiful, Amazing Place

Antelope Canyon

Characterized by brilliantly colored sandstone walls carved into smooth wave like formations, and captivating beams of light that illuminate portions of the canyon from above, Antelope Canyon is a stunning, and rather surreal example of nature at work. No wonder it is one of the most widely photographed, famous canyons in the world!

(Click on the images below to view the full size photo!)

Antelope Canyonphoto credit: brentbat via photopin cc

The canyon actually owes its existence mainly to swiftly flowing flash flood water, which has carved its way through the soft sandstone bedrock of the area for millennia, creating hauntingly beautiful structures. Flash flooding can actually create flows of water that can reach up to 50 ft. deep in some areas of the canyon, and can sweep in suddenly after storms.

A Stunningly Beautiful, Amazing Place

One of the most stunningly unique regions of the country, the canyon winds its way through portions of Utah and Arizona, offering a retreat from the suppressing heat of the dessert day with temperatures up to 20 degrees lower than outside the canyon. Some sections of the canyon may be cooler than others, especially in areas where there is little to no opening overhead.

These cave like sections of the canyon are dotted with small openings where sunlight streams into the canyon, illuminating the brilliant colors of the sandstone walls and portions of the sand covered canyon floor, creating the enchanting scenes shown here. The canyon walls can reach up to 120 feet high in some areas, treating visitors to astonishing views of their smooth, wave like surface.

Antelope Canyon 4photo credit: brentbat via photopin cc

The canyon area also boasts the world’s largest natural land bridge, The Rainbow Bridge Trail, an astounding 42 ft. thick natural rock structure which spans 275 ft. The Rainbow Bridge is an understandably especially sacred and religious place for the Navajo, and also one of the most popular features of Antelope Canyon.

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Bioluminescent 1

Rainbow Bridgephoto credit: exquisitur via photopin cc

Another simply dazing feature of the area is the infamous “Wave” which straddles the border of Utah and Arizona. This remote area lies above ground, presenting a colorful display of smooth, carved sandstone formations resembling waves, in a wide range of red, yellow, and orange hues. (Shown Below)

The Wave is one of the most amazing places in the world to visit, though it is accessible only by obtaining a Back Country Use (Hiking) Permit via a BLM permit lottery. Only 10 permits to the area are issued each day, with only 20 people allowed into the area per day, in order to prevent premature erosion of the soft sandstone features by human foot traffic.

ntelope Canyon – The Wave 1photo credit: DIVA007 via photopin cc

Antelope Canyon – The Wavephoto credit: mypubliclands via photopin cc

Despite its rugged beauty, Antelope Canyon can be dangerous to traverse. Prone to unbearable temperatures, flash flooding, and possessing a vast and confusing landscape, the canyon sees many hikers go missing each year.  None the less, the smoothly curving shapes of the interior walls, and gentle waves of age old sand illuminated by stunning beams of light continue to attract multitudes of eager visitors from around the world each year as well.

Antelope Canyon 7photo credit: kholkute via photopin cc

Fortunately for those who cannot, or do not wish to endure the searing heat and potential dangers of Antelope Canyon in order to catch a glimpse of this vast and striking natural feature, others have taken gorgeous photographs for all to view.

Viewing these spectacular images of Antelope Canyon alone, it is little wonder why the ancient, indigenous peoples of the area determined it to be a sacred site. It certainly lives up to this sentiment, and is sure to continue to do so for millennia to come!

Antelope Canyon – A Stunningly Beautiful, Amazing Place


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