Amazing Stories

The Worlds’ Oldest Trees
The Worlds’ Oldest TreesThese trees live lifetimes which are calculated in terms of eons rather than decades,  providing for one of natures’ most amazing stories…seedlings at the time when the Egyptian Pharaohs were building the pyramids, when Europe was experiencing the Bronze Age… [Read More…]

The Origin of St. Valentines Day
heart 2February 14th marks a day many people around the world look forward to each and every year; the day we exchange gifts, chocolate and flowers with loved ones …. some may be surprised to find that The Origin of St. Valentines Day actually remains a mystery…[Read More…]


Aztec – Mysterious, Violent Ancient Civilization
AztecThis intriguing Mesoamerican Culture left behind a rich legacy of ruins and artifacts from which we have learned much about the Aztec culture and way of life…
[Read More…]


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