Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material - Air Crete

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

In a world where the population is increasing exponentially, storms are becoming stronger, and natural resources are in desperate need of sparing, news of a cheap, efficient, durable modern building material is reason to stand up and take notice. But you may be amazed to hear about this innovative new building material.

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material - Air Crete

Air Crete Home Construction Material

Okay, so it’s not new. It’s actually been known of in commercial industries for years, and used to create durable structures  for multi-million dollar companies. But it’s new to residential housing. Recently, many people have discovered just how easy, and affordable it is to build their homes out of a material known as Air Crete.

DIY Low Cost Homes Made Of Air Crete

Basically, it’s concrete with an extra ingredient…soap bubbles. Particularly dish soap foam! Yes, dish soap foam can be blended with certain types of concrete to create a light weight, fast setting kind of concrete for use in home construction.

Since roughly 9/10 of the final material used to build Air Crete homes is actually air bubbles, this cuts down significantly on concrete costs. The forms used to shape the Air Crete into blocks, doorways and windows can be made of anything, however simple, cheap aluminum, steel tube or even plastic tubing work well.

And because the concrete used to build the homes is around 90% air, the tiny spaces within the concrete walls causes a more constant temperature retention. The reason why Air Crete homes are so energy efficient.

In fact, those in the know claim that these types of structures actually cost roughly 75% less to heat or cool than traditional structures.

And perhaps even better yet, these bubbles, along with the dome shape of the home makes them super sturdy…

Air Crete can be used to build homes that can easily withstand fire, hurricane force winds and earthquakes, all while efficiently moderating the temperature within the home. Here’s a video that illustrates how durable Air Crete homes can be…

This material can be mixed and used to build homes fairly easily, and at a fraction of the cost of stick built homes, and the resulting structure is far easier to maintain.

While Air Crete can be used to create traditional square or rectangular homes, the dome shape is by far the most durable. And the homes don’t look like some kind of institutional grey nightmare, they can be light, open and airy, with any coloring inside or out that you want!

Few materials are needed to construct the frame work for Air Crete structures. It takes only a few weeks or days to create one of these homes, depending on the size and complexity of the layout.

These structures are perfect for creating earth homes, as the air flow inside the dome is efficient.  And they don’t have to be tiny either. You can add on another dome any time you want, so it’s easy to create a simple starter home and work your way up from there if you want.

Imagine, your elderly parents need more care and need to come live with you. You simply add a dome to your main structure, for perhaps less than a thousand dollars!

Maybe one of your kids is having a difficult time, or becomes ill and needs care – you can just add on another dome. Again, a few thousand dollars and a few weeks and boom…new room.

If you would like to add a green house, atrium, family room, office, game room, even a garage- anything you need or want, you simply add a new dome. Awesome right?

You may even get around to that indoor pool your family has always wanted. You could have your own library, your own den, your own art studio, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building structures.

Imagine how many houses Habitat for Humanity could put up in just a few weeks if they built them out of Air Crete. Instead of just 1 home for around $150,000, that money could build over 15 homes roughly 1200 square feet or larger in size!

And since the homes are so durable and resistant to damage from weather and natural disasters, and those big companies have documented this fact, these homes are totally insurable too!

Here we have another for you about Air Crete homes we hope you’ll enjoy…

We hope you enjoyed this post and will visit Cool Notion Quest again!

Cheap, Efficient, Durable Modern Building Material – Air Crete

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