Shih Tzu Puppies – More Than Just an Adorable Face!

Shih Tzu Puppies

So often absorbed with work the stresses of life, it is easy to forget the little things that can make everyday life more pleasurable; and by “little things” we are referring to unbelievably cute little fur balls! Want to take some time away from all that arduous stress to look at Shih Tzu Puppies? Ya, we enjoy that now and then too!

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More Than Just an Adorable Face!
These adorable little creatures are entertaining as well as amusing, but their fuzzy little faces and funny personalities certainly steal the show! These puppies are often described as “so cute they shouldn’t even exist”, and it may be of interest to you that their personalities are just as entertaining and adorable as their furry little faces!

shih tzu puppies 2
The breed originally hails from China, where they were kept as palace pets for royalty, most notably the Dowager Empress Tzu His. Shih Tzu were considered to be sacred, and there is evidence that the breed was originally developed by Tibetan Monks and given as gifts to the Chinese. Though the exact age of the breed is unknown, depictions of Shih Tzu are present in ancient tapestries.

If you ever get the chance to bring one of these sweet little dogs into your home, you will notice why they were so preferred by Chinese royalty. It is almost as if they were born to make you laugh, each one possessing a unique personality, sprinkled with typical, cute Shih Tzu traits. However, you will also notice that they generally have a royal “air” about them at all times, although some exude this more than others.

shih tzu puppies 4
Most Shih Tzu owners will agree that despite they don’t mind, their Shih Tzu has become a very important part of their family, and tend to run the house to some degree. Shih Tzu are generally very appreciative of attention and are aware of consideration taken on their behalf, so it is really easy to let them do so!

shih tzu puppies 5This little chocolate Shih Tzu puppy has grown into a beautiful adult who, among other perks, enjoys getting his Christmas presents every year, waiting patiently on the couch to receive the gift he seems to know is under the tree! As you can tell, it is easy for Shih Tzu to become a big part of your life, and enhance your lifestyle.

Despite their reputation for being a bit difficult to train Shih Tzu are a perfect pet for families, with the added bonus of being hypoallergenic and non-shedding, most have excellent temperaments that work well with children.

Shih Tzu Puppies


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