Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places tend to strike us as weird, and appeal to our interest in the strange and unusual. However, perhaps one of the weirdest things about abandoned places like these is the unsettling thought of a bustling accomplishment of modern man turning into a vacant, desolate shadow of its self, often within very little time. After all, most of us find ancient ruins positively interesting and are drawn to them to observe and contemplate the wonders that were created by man long before our time, but on the average most people don’t find an ancient abandoned city to be weird stuff at all.

We tend to have a much different sensation when viewing an ancient piece of pottery that was unearthed in an ancient city, than we do when viewing an old Pepsi can or mattress languishing away in what was once a busy building full of people; the pop cans’ colors fading, the mattress stained from the elements that have broken or seeped through the  structures’ roof or walls.

But regardless of exactly why we find them weird, we find modern abandoned places to be a tempting subject, an oddity we can’t resist, and we love to see pictures of these places, so here we go!

Abandoned Places
photo credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc

Chateau Miranda in Celles, Belgium (Above)
Built by French aristocrats around the time of World War II and abandoned in 1980, the Chateau Miranda in Celles, Belgium appears to have the feel of the mansion in the movie The Haunting. The overgrown gardens and unkempt appearance of the Chateau set the mind awhirl with notions and most would agree it would be an excellent backdrop for a great ghost story!

Abandoned Places 1photo credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

Sanzhi UFO Houses – San Zhi, Taiwan 
This next abandoned place is “out of this world” mainly because it features what most would consider as being very modern accommodations, in a state of deteriorating disappointment. Their appearance is strikingly odd and interesting even if you suspect they may have been built as a resort for movie stars or eccentric wealthy people, but finding out that they were actually built to house US military officers in 1978 may make this abandoned place even weirder.

sanzhi-ufo-housesphoto credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

Better yet, the houses were intended to be sold to the officers, but were never completed due to loss of investment!

sanzhi-ufo-houses 2photo credit: vicjuan via photopin cc

What a waste of open, modern design, they look like they would have been very cool to live in.  At least they weren’t evacuated due to nuclear fallout like our next abandoned place!

Pripyat, Russia
Once a bustling city of almost 50,000, Pripyat had the unfortunate circumstance of being located near Chernobyl in Russia. When the nuclear disaster occurred at the power plant there in 1986, the city was quickly and permanently evacuated.

Chernobylphoto credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

Chernobyl 1photo credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

Residents left many personal belongings behind in the rush to leave, and it is these belongings that seem to have the biggest impact when people look at pictures of the city. Another odd feature of the city is the amusement park which sets eerily still, its bumper cars rusting away, its lonely Ferris wheel silently standing right where it provided its last ride almost 30 years ago.

Since the nuclear disaster, this once large city is populated only by buildings full of rooms decorated in flaking paint, long forgotten furniture and personal possessions, and the odd feel of a modern city abandoned in a flash and left for the ravages of time to slowly consume. The only living inhabitants are now local wildlife who have made the city their home in the absence of people.

Abandoned Places - Chernobyl 2photo credit: Timm Suess via photopin cc

abandoned-detroit 2photo credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

Believe it or not, the picture directly above was not taken at Pripyat, this is an image from…

Detroit, Michigan, USA 
One of the most shocking abandoned places was not left behind due to contamination but the receding US economy; since the economic downturn of recent years, large areas of Detroit have been mostly abandoned and left to fade away. Entire blocks of apartment buildings and streets full of houses now sit without anyone to care for them, representing a sad fact of the times. Another example of modern ruins that just seem plain weird.

abandoned places-detroitphoto credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

abandoned-detroit 3photo credit: nitram242 via photopin cc

El Hotel del Salto (Below)
Built in 1928 to accommodate wealthy tourists visiting the astonishing 515 feet high Telquendama Falls nearby, El Hotel Del Salto fell into ruin, reportedly after the river water of the falls became contaminated, causing visitors to stay away.

Located 18 miles southwest of Bogotá, Colombia in South America, the hotel is thought to be haunted as well which may actually be a great attraction to bring visitors back to the area if it is refurbished as rumors suggest may happen.

el-hotel-del-saltophoto credit: Alveart via photopin cc

Despite all of our best intentions and no matter the grand design, any number of towns, cities, or structures we build may wind up abandoned, in fact, over time they all do. We are always likely to find those most recent Abandoned Places to be the most unsettling, the most weird, and the most eerie, perhaps because we never know what location in the world may become abandoned next…

Abandoned Places


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