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Couples Retreat – Romantic Southwest Vacations

Couples Retreat – Romantic Southwest Vacations

What couple wouldn’t like a relaxing retreat from their hectic daily lifestyle? Though a Couples Retreat away from the jobs, the bills, the family, and all of that stress for just a couple of days can be quite therapeutic for our emotional well-being, it is can also be a difficult feat to accomplish! Enter Romantic Southwest Vacations!

Easily reachable even for a quick weekend getaway, southwestern vacation destinations are also perfect for a couples retreat any time of the year, offering anything from the solace of a quiet mountain setting, to the exciting nightlife of Las Vegas, enhanced with several other must have romantic features.

Love Pictures 7
photo credit: JLStricklin via photopin cc

The Land of Sunsets
The southwest is renowned for it’s stunning, panoramic sunsets. One of the most romantic components of any couples retreat, a beautiful, vivid sunset creates a romantic setting for dinner, a quiet walk together, or a dip in an outdoor hot tub. Regardless of your destination in the southwest, you will have the best chance for an enchanting, colorful beginning to your evening here. If you avoid the city and go for a quiet mountain town setting, you can also enjoy a stunning array of brightly sparkling stars overhead for the remainder of the evening!

Wine Country
Nothing says romance like a great glass of wine, and the southwest has many wine country destinations that will get your juices flowing! Enjoy a relaxing stay in the recently flourishing wine country of western Colorado, or visit the vineyards of southern California for world class cuisine pared with an impeccable selection of tasty wines.

Couples Retreat - Southwest Vacations
photo credit: John-Morgan via photopin cc

Las Vegas
There is no more iconic location in the country for romance than Las Vegas, where over 115,000 weddings take place every year. Vegas Hotels feature some of the most lavishly romantic accommodations available, with plenty of entertainment at hand for couples that venture from their rooms. Guests to the city can enjoy everything from a romantic dinner for two, to a simulated Venice canal ride.

photo credit: Serge Melki via photopin cc
photo credit: Serge Melki via photopin cc

Wintertime Retreats
The southwest boasts some of the best opportunities for a romantic, wintertime couples retreat, featuring outdoor activities like skiing, and sleigh rides through quaint yet modern mountain villages in areas like Vail, Aspen, and Crested Butte. There is no shortage of both rustic and modern lodge accommodations, with romantic touches like in-room hot tubs or Jacuzzis with a view, and cozy fireplaces to enjoy a glass of wine beside. There are also many vacation rental homes available in these mountainous vacation areas, and cabin rental opportunities as well, for couples who are looking to get away completely, and spend time focusing solely on each other.

The unique towns of Ouray and Glenwood Springs are perfect for couples interested in long, relaxing soaks in natural mineral water springs, lounging in natural vapor caves, and enjoying soothing natural spa treatments together.

Couples Retreat - Southwest Vacations 2
photo credit: Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel via photopin cc

Trying to get in the mood for planning your Couples Retreat? Visit our “Love Pictures Image Gallery” for some inspirational romantic images!

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Couples Retreat – Southwest Vacations

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