Sunrise Sunset – Cool Picture Gallery

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Sunrise Sunset

Almost everyone enjoys a beautiful Sunrise Sunset picture. The stunning shades of pink, purple, and orange blend together into one spectacular display of natures’ beauty.

These amazing scenes captivate us so much that they represent some of the most famous scenes in movies, and are associated with romance, and calming ambiance. Even though we know that they are caused by sunlight shining through particles in our atmosphere, and some are even made more wondrous by the addition of smoke or smog, we continue to watch the pre-dawn sky, the horizon at dusk,  just as mankind has done for eons.

Below you will find a gallery of stunning pictures of Sunrises and Sunsets to drool over, use as your desktop background, and show your friends!

From Sunsets on the beach, to the sun rising behind ancient ruins, you will get an eye full viewing this gallery. You will also find other awesome sunset pictures throughout Cool Notion Quest.

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Sunrise Sunset

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