Underwater Restaurant

Underwater Restaurant

Underwater Restaurant

Interested in eating a meal in a clear acrylic restaurant 16 feet below the surface of the ocean? For some this may sound a little “hard to swallow”, but for others this Underwater Restaurant is a sensational place to “catch a bite to eat”!

Underwater Restaurant

This amazing restaurant, named Ithaa, was built to compliment the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa and opened it’s doors on the 15th of April, 2005. Guests are treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding Indian Ocean, as well as a coral reef teaming with marine life, through the clear acrylic walls of the restaurant. The restaurant is the first of it’s kind in the world and only seats 14, offering fine cuisine and a chance to try the wines of the prestigious Champagne house, Louis Roederer.

The lunch menu starts at around $125 USD with dinner running about $300 per person without an alcoholic beverage, but even at those prices you had better not waste too much time getting around to seeing the restaurant; this nearly 5 million dollar restaurant is only expected to last 20 years!

Underwater Restaurant 1

Today the Underwater Restaurant continues to get rave reviews from visitors and will no doubt encourage other resorts and spas to compete by adding their own marine dining experience to their property amenities.

Underwater Restaurant


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photo credit: mali mish via photopin cc
photo credit: mali mish via photopin cc

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