Bowling Ball Beach 2

Bowling Ball Beach California

Bowling Ball Beach California

Odd geological formations are found all over the world, and California is no exception! Three miles south of Point Arena on the Mendocino County South Coast lay Bowling Ball Beach, named for the nearly 100 Million year old, strange and rather large sandstone boulders which occupy the beach in this area.

Bowling Ball Beach California

These bizarre boulders, known as “Bowling Balls”, lay in rows along the beach, having been exposed as the sea eroded away the softer materials which once surrounded them when they were part of the cliff side.

Despite their perfectly reasonable scientific explanation, the boulders look as if they could be fossilized dinosaur eggs or something of the like, and given their appearance one certainly cannot be blamed for entertaining such whimsical notions.

Bowling Ball Beach 2

Bowling Ball Beach was once part of the Central Pomo Indians’ territory. Later on in 1866, the area received it’s first recorded resident, a Scotsman by the name of John Galloway. No doubt, early visitors to the area would have thought the Bowling Balls were strange as well.

Bowling Ball Beach 3

The beach is a great place to visit if you get a chance; you can ponder the presence of the Bowling Balls and enjoy checking out the local wildlife which includes Hermit Crabs, Sea Anemones, snails and Rock Fish. Aside from these cool critters, you can also find fossilized bones of animals as well as fossilized sharks teeth if you’re lucky.

Bowling Ball Beach California


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