3 Great Apartment Pets | Awesome Pets for Apartment Dwellers

3 Great Apartment Pets

If you are looking for an awesome pet that will work well with your apartment, these cute critters are definitely worth considering! Any one of these 3 Great Apartment Pets are  sure to bring a smile to your face,  along with companionship, entertainment and fun to your life!

Guinea Pigs

3 Great Apartment Pets

These adorable little critters are a great pet for the apartment dweller who wants a cuddly, furry little buddy around. Guinea Pigs love to be petted and often become quite attached to their people parents. They will “speak” to you by making a sound called “weeking”, kind of a cross between a squeak and a bark, especially when they want attention or are hungry for a snack. They are great pets for kids as well.

With a little training, most Guinea Pigs enjoy bathing in the tub, sitting on your lap, and can even be walked with the use of a leash and harness. They require fresh food pellets and water roughly every other day, need vitamin C drops placed in each fresh batch of water, and also need fresh fruits and veggies to eat.

They are relatively easy to care for as well as inexpensive to own. The cage is the most costly part of getting set up with a Guinea Pig, and usually costs around $60-$100, however there are other suitable alternatives which also save you space without sacrificing your pigs’ comfort. If you don’t mind a little DIY project, you can make one yourself pretty easily! (DIY article, with directions and a materials list available soon.)

Blue Headed Pionus

Blue Headed Pionus

These colorful little parrots are great pet birds for families, with the personality of a large bird in an apartment friendly size! Blue Headed Pionus, named in part for the beautiful blue coloring on their heads, are about 11” tall and are considered a medium sized parrot, so their cage is able to fit into average size apartments. They are mostly blue and green in color, with the exception of a patch of pink or red under their tail. They become very attached to their “flock” of humans and can be very affectionate when properly handled and trained. While they can learn to screech and be quite loud, Blue Headed Pionus are known as one of the quietest parrots to own, contributing to their popularity as family pets. They generally make a pleasant cooing or chirping noise, especially in the morning.

Originating from Central South America, their typical life span is around 25 years, though it is possible for some to live to up to 40 years. Obviously this is a pet that will be with you for an extended time, so if you are looking for a long time pet these birds are perfect for you. Parrots require proper nutrition and care, without it they will become unhealthy and possibly even die. Though not difficult to care for, you will need to maintain a daily schedule of providing fresh water and food, including fresh veggies and fruits for your Pionus. You should also keep their wings clipped to avoid accidents, such as the bird flying into a window and injuring themselves.

This is not a cheap pet to own; the bird its self will cost around $900, and you will need a sturdy, safe cage, parrot food, and toys for the bird to play with. The total cost of set up generally runs $2000, but if you are looking for a loyal, cuddly bird to add to your apartment this bird is worth every penny!

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
photo credit: Tina Barnash Purchase at Fine Art America

Shih Tzu are cuddly, furry little dogs, most of whom possess sweet, calm personalities. This toy breed dog hails from China and was originally bred as palace dogs for royalty. They are sturdy, hearty little dogs that are often likened to the Ewoks from Star Wars, or the cute furry Gremlin, Gizmo. They make wonderful family pets and their compact size and calm nature also makes them great pets for apartment dwellers!

photo credit: Tina Barnash Purchase at Fine Art America

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Bioluminescent 1

Shih Tzu have adorable, fun- loving personalities and can provide hours of light-hearted entertainment, as well as cuddling on the couch. They usually enjoy playing with soft, plush toys or soft rope toys. They enjoy walks outdoors but do not require lengthy walks, nor do they require access to outdoors on any regular basis. This smart little dog can be trained to a kitty litter box, making them completely apartment friendly. They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, which contributes to their reputation for being excellent dogs for families.

These little fuzzballs can be stubborn to train, but with proper, gentle training they can learn to do tricks and travel well. Shih Tzu do not train well when treated harshly and will typically do what you want them to simply because they love you and want your approval and attention. They are sensitive little creatures; therefore mild admonishment is enough to make them realize that they have done something wrong. All you need do in most cases is use a admonishing tone and they will look at you as if to say they are sorry. At that point you should show them what you do want them to do, i.e. show them their bathroom area if they have had an accident. They are very intelligent and will pick up on things quickly as long as you don’t scare them.

Due to their thick fur, they need to be groomed on a weekly basis unless you give them what is called a “puppy clip”. This particular clip makes grooming much easier and less frequently required and involves shaving the dogs’ body to a short length, leaving the head, tail and perhaps even the front legs at full length. You should still brush the longer fur once per week to keep it free of tangles.

A Shih Tzu will generally cost an average of around $600, a small price to pay for such a devoted companion and loving pet!

Awesome Pets for Apartment Dwellers

Bringing any of these 3 Great Apartment Pets into your home is sure to add  the companionship and fun of owning a pet to your life, while cutting down on the stress of having a pet that is not suitable for apartment life!

3 Great Apartment Pets

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If you liked this post be sure to Visit Our Site at CoolNotionQuest.com for more More Fun Posts and Articles!

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