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Apollo E Cig Review

Hello, my name is Tina Barnash. I am a real person and a real smoker…in fact, I was a heavy smoker for over 20 years. I am proud to say that I have not smoked in over two years now, and I am very happy to report that I quit without any cravings, relapses or crankiness! 

1 Million Free E-Cigs

I wanted to share my experience with Apollo E Cigs with others, as I am very happy to no longer be smoking, and much more satisfied with my E Cig than I everwas with real cigarettes! Of course, I always enjoyed smoking. Admittedly, I started smoking in high school and instantly loved the sensation and the flavor. I loved to have a cigarette after each meal, with my morning coffee, my drive to work, my drive home, pretty much every other moment of the day I was not sleeping.

However, over the years the flavor of traditional cigarettes changed to the point where I no longer liked the flavor; I speculate that this is due to all those nasty chemicals the manufacturers put into them these days. I had become dissatisfied not only with the flavor of the tobacco, but also with the smokers cough, the occasional chest pains I developed in the last several years, the inability to feel I was getting enough air when I breathed, lack of energy, inability to taste anything or smell anything anymore, and…the ever increasing, high cost!

Apollo E Cig Review

One day I was at my doctors’ office and she asked if I had ever tried Electronic Cigarettes. I told her that I had not tried them, she suggested I give it a try before I caused myself some massive, if not fatal, health issues! Yup, my doctor suggested this. According to her, the Nicotine you get from a cigarette is not what causes cancer, in fact, she told me that the Nicotine you get from E Cigs is no worse for you than a cup of coffee! Anybody ever heard of anyone dying from cancer or a heart attack from drinking coffee? I mean, you never hear anyone say “Ya, Ted passed away last week. Poor guy just had one too many cups of coffee”? No, she told me, it is those very same chemicals that I suspect had ruined the flavor of my favorite vice for me. The 4,000 + chemicals now contained within the cigarettes that cause cancer. Well that and the fact that you are constantly breathing smoke! She informed me that, though as a doctor she preferred that I not smoke ordrink coffee, she would rather I smoked 10 times as many E Cigs than continuing to smoke real cigarettes. She also assured me that if I would switch to E Cigs, I would be able to breath, taste, smell and perhaps even get more energy back again.

Well, I must admit that though all of this sounded great, I was apprehensive; Would it really taste like smoke? I mean, like tobacco smoke used to taste? Would it really feel like smoking? Would it have that great sensation you get when you take a drag off a cigarette and pull the smoke into your lungs? How about the cost? I mean, I don’t drink alcohol and don’t do drugs, I am not even over weight. I already don’t have any fun as far as typical vices goes…what if this takes all the fun out of my one single vice? Non the less, I felt it was of the utmost importance to heed her advice about quitting smoking, after all, no vice in the world is worth not being with my kids, loosing my life early.

So, I started my long search for the perfect E Cig. It took me over a year and several different types of Electronic Cigarettes to finally find one that I am totally satisfied with; in cost, flavor, vapor volume and availability.

  • First I tried Colorado E Cigs, they were expensive and did not produce enough vapor for my smoke addicted lungs.
  • Then I tried the Safe Cig, I was really happy with that one until…they went out of business because their liquid filled cartridges were imported from China and their distributor could no longer supply them.

After that, I went in search of a company that makes their liquid in America.

  • I tried South Beach Smokes…not enough vapor!
  • I tried ProSmoke; their cigs had more vapor, but I didn’t like the cost or the flavor.
  • I tried the Blue E Cigs…still not enough vapor!

(I also did not like having to recharge all of those little batteries every two hours and was unhappy with the level of customer service and guarantees these companies provided for their products.)

EGo E Cig

Now, all this time I had not smoked a single cigarette since I had tried my first E Cig. I was so unbelievably happy not to be smoking real cigarettes, to be able tosmoke anywhere, and so satisfied with most of the E Cig Liquid flavors, that I was determined to find the perfect E Cig! I had been a heavy smoker, like 2-3 packs a day, and needed lots of vapor! So I was very happy when I finally tried the Free Apollo E-Cig offer. The free e cig tasted great and had the loads of vapor I was looking for. So, I went to their website and shopped around…and was absolutely thrilled when I found their EGo Starter Kit! The batteries only need recharging once per day, the e cig provided even more vapor than the one I tried, and I loved their Tobacco flavor! It tasted just like I remember real tobacco tasting when I was in high school!

I immediately ordered my EGo Starter Kit and impatiently awaited it’s arrival. The order arrived very quickly and I excitedly charged my batteries and waited for that perfect puff I was anticipating…

Ahhhh….I was in heaven!

The flavor was great, the vapor was awesome. Loads and loads of yummy, sensational vapor! Even with my freight train habit of puffing away, I found that the EGo batteries did in fact only need to be charged once per day and sometimes, when I have a day when the stress level is low, I can go for over a day without recharging!

After a few months of smoking the EGo I discovered that it is also the cheapest E Cig I had tried; costing me less than $30 per month to puff to my hearts content!

Apollo makes their own E Liquid, right here in the US, and provides quick shipping, a nice guarantee, and excellent customer service. They even have instant chat right on their website if you need anything! I have yet to ever buy any parts from them that arrived in non working order.

So, to recap my review of Apollo E Cigs:

  • Loads and loads of yummy, sensational vapor!
  • Great flavors (I have tried most of them now and they are all yummy!)
  • Less than $30 per month to puff to my hearts content! (This may not be the same for everyone, but I smoke a lot! This is also the cost for my EGo, so I cannot be sure of the cost for the other models.)
  • No constant recharging of batteries.
  • Guarantee on batteries. (Not that I have needed it, never had any problems with any of their products.)
  • Fast Shipping.
  • Reliable availability of products.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • *Coupons are available online whenever I search for them, so I rarely ever pay full price for my supplies.

I wanted to share my experience and Apollo E Cig Review with others in hopes of saving someone else the expense and waste of time I went through to find my perfect E-Cig!
If you would like to try Apollo, click on the 1st image on this page and get a free E-Cig! (You do pay for shipping, but trust me, it’s worth it!)

Apollo E Cig Review

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